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Nicholas – USA


Hi my name is Doctor Khrisna from Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, and we have our patient Nicolas right here with us. Hi Nicolas.

Hi, how are you?

Good and how are you doing?


Can you tell us a little bit about your treatment what do you get down here please?

I had roughly 12 crowns done more on the upper top teeth and so far I went very well they went doing the bottom.

This is the most affordable places unlike New York City and there you are paying roughly 20 thousand dollars for top teeth and the price over here is actually pretty decent, very affordable.

Safety is top notch!

Everything was done carefully at they took their time to make sure that everything is right.

What do you think about the Clinic? How do you feel with everything…?

The clinic is so clean, very safe, a lot of the employees here are very kind and professional.  This is a very safe place to be.

Well I really didn’t find you, my wife did.

She found you guys, she was looking at some prices she came across, Cancun and it was like wow, why don’t we just get a vacation out of it. We will take it through there and get it done.

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