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Alain – USA


I wanna say that Alain came a couple of years ago, and you know what? He had a broken bridge. And what happens? Doctors always say the good things, but what if somethings breaks…?

Yeah                  .

And if you need to have any warranty or something? And well, you called the 1-800, and tell me what happened afterwards?

You fixed the problem.


That’s pretty much it!


Yeah! And then I have to back to scuba diving and deep sea fishing, it’s kinda hard!

It was a warranty, and also it’s such a pleasure to have you here!

Thank you!

You are part of the family! And here you don´t have to paid nothing.


And it´s one of the things we know that can or might happen. Yeah! We do something! We have strong biters. Look at him! Perfect! And we have strong biters that even with a nightguard, and even with taking care of those teeth he broke something, he came back, we fix it up, and then you´re great!

Yeah! And then I am great to go back and maybe break again and come back!

Ok, but then you will have another excuse! Thank you my friend!


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