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Grace – USA


So, way back, I think it was like in 2006, I had an accident, a mortal accident, so I did have a lot of crocked teeth, and from then it´s been like eleven or twelve years I haven´t been really confident about my smile. It´s been difficult actually smiling or talking out loud. I actually went to get my residence in the United States and my Masters in business and Nutrition and I have I lot of interviews, where I could have an opportunity to have a shot and get a better job, but I could not have the zeal or the power to go for those interview, cause I wasn´t up to impression them. Your smile is the first thing people notice from you, so I was with a low self-steam and even more for the interviews, so I skipped the interviews, trust me, I was skipping interviews and I always wanted to feel better, smile again, cause I used to smile more. I always wanted to get to gain myself back. I have about fifteen crowns done, you can see them? And so beautiful, I really like them, and my family back home loved them.

The Customer Service are very friendly. It is just a beautiful place and I trust me I will come back, I’ll come back  to vacation here.

I read a couple of reviews online and most of them were positive or mostly positive. I had to come to see it from myself. And been here for eleven days, and I been coming here. I think this should been in my fifth visit to the hospital, I have always been impressed for what is see,

From the first day I’ve known them from when I walk in to the hospital and they welcome me, you know. I want to tell everyone out there who is hesitant for smiling or anything you want to do cosmetic, you should check out this hospital, they are actually amazing, they give your options, they actually can check, maybe suggest what is the best for you, and they give you option to pick from, and they are affordable too, so yeah, you can come at the end being pretty, like who doesn’t want to be pretty? You can see me know, I am pretty enough.

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