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Robert – USA (with video)


I got eleven crowns done, and I’ll tell you what, the work is terrific, doesn’t take long, the people are very personal, is the third year we’ve been here. My wife has been here for two, she came back with me.


I’ll tell you what, everything was terrific, I cannot say anything bad and I would recommend everybody on the USA to come down on here, get your teeth done here because there’s no other place like this. The cost is unbelievable, it is worth the trip. You get a vacation and you get a big smile like this. Very beautiful. Well worth the trip. Really, I would recommend people to come down here to say hello, get your teeth done, enjoy a vacation, and go back with a beautiful smile. I had no problem whatsoever, it’s all been terrific.


All the people are great and I can’t say anything bad about it. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t recommend to anybody. A lot of people from the US think “go to mexico to get your teeth done?”, I’ll tell you what, is well worth the trip. They are nothing but terrific.

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