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Ernesto – USA (video)

Dr: We are here with a very special patient, Ernesto Infante. What is your opinion about the clinic?

E: Oh Doctor, there are no words, really, from my heart I tell you, the professionalism was the first thing that attracted me, but what makes me a patient for life it’s the kindness, the consideration and the care you have with the patient.

Dr: Thank you very much.

E: For me, that’s the most important thing. The human warmth I have received.

Dr: What can you say about Cancun?

E: Ah, I’m Mexican as second nationality. I love Cancun! It’s a marvelous thing to be able to do tourism and relax a few days while doing your dental part. I needed it so much.

Dr: So would you come back with us?

E: For life, I told you, I’ll be your patient, patient, patient! No where on United States I have felt like I felt here in Cancun, in this… “cosmetic dentistry center”, right?

Dr: Yes! Thank you very much!

E: Thank you Doctor! Really! From the bottom of my hearth, thank you!

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