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Matthew – USA


Hi, my name is Matthew, I’m from Washington DC. I came to Cancun to get some bridge dental work and some veneers done and I’m very excited about it. I learned a lot about Doctor A. (Arzate) from the postings online and a lot of research. I watched a lot of videos and I’m very excited to get more done. It’s going to be great!

Hello every body from Cancun! This is Matthew from Washington DC. This is the new me, the new smile. I’m so excited! This has been the best experience that I’ve ever had. The clinic is beautiful, the staff is just amazing. They are very caring, very attentive. I had a little hiccup with the crown coming form the lab but there are no more issues… They are taking me to the airport! They are taking me to the airport. Who else would do that? It’s amazing here. If you have any hesitation about coming here, don’t have them. It’s been the best experience ever. Look at this! In like… in 10 days this is with what I walk out with. It’s amazing! Come see the dentist here, you wont ever regret it. Thank you!

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