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Stephen – USA


I had a great experience. People are very nice. All the dental work was well done and I’m very happy. And Wendy adjusted what they call a “flipper” it’s sort of like artificial teeth for before you get the real crowns in, and she did a great job adjusting them.

I have to say this is better than any dental clinic in the states. I have to say, cos they take really good care of you and they are very friendly, gentle and highly professional. This is not a backdoor machine shop where you get teeth, this is first class dentist office.

I’ve been here for like the third time now to Cancun, the hotel zone is nice if you have money and want to stay on the fancy hotels, but if you wanna feel Mexico stay in downtown Cancun to see the local people and hear the local languages, and then you can always go to the playa. I enjoyed the experience in Cancun, I love Cancun.

So the nice thing about getting your dental work here is that, you get your dental work done ok, maybe you have a little pain, your mouth numb BUT you put on your bathing suit on, you go to the beach, you get in the water, you are going to forget your troubles! Then you come back a couple of days, see the nice dentists and they take care of you!

I have complete confidence in this clinic. Like I said, first class dentist!

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