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Joseph – USA

I was very very pleased when I received wonderful service from this clinic. I showed up because I had a problem that came out in a bad place and that tooth needed a crown. Well, I did not only get a great crown, it fits nicely the color matches perfectly and it’s very…uh, made well. It was almost painless which is, I’m a bit chicken so I really liked that that everything went out smoothly.

In top of that the cost was less than the deductible on my insurance account. I paid 450 USD for a complete service, and the dentist was very gentle, very professional, and you can see he had a lot of practice putting crowns because everything went smoothly and most of the time the dentist didn’t even need the assistant.

And I was just totally surprised how much better it is to have your teeth worked on here than with the dentist in New Hampshire, even though she’s a wonderful dentist, everything was top deal here.

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